Don't let cyber criminals exploit your lack of coverage to their benefit.

A devastating data breach can begin with a single compromised privileged account. Hackers and malicious insiders can exploit just one unsecured privileged account to gain the elevated access they need to anonymously extract your organization’s most sensitive data.

Fortunately, with the right privileged identity management solution you can automate the discovery of powerful superuser accounts, figure out where they’re being used, and change them reliably – without triggering cascading system failures caused by interdependent services.

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"Lieberman Software has chosen an automated discovery and remediation approach that limits cyber-attack opportunities. It offers up a rotating defense surface with frequently updated credentials that zero day threats find difficult to overcome."

Andrew Kellett
Principal Analyst

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Can you discover and manage every privileged account on your network? The truth is - if you can't find your privileged accounts, you can't secure them. Lieberman RED provides seamless discovery and remediation across all platforms from one console in a single operation.

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