Linux/Unix SSH Key Management at Scale

When an organization numbers its Linux and Unix-based guests in the cloud in the thousands, managing accounts at scale becomes a complex and critical component of securing these guests. These accounts are nearly always connected to with SSH keys. Management of these keys are as critical as passwords since they are the identifiers used to grant access and privilege to the user.

Attend this webinar to learn how Lieberman Software can help you:

Discover and clearly name all SSH keys on the Linux guest

Rotate keys on a schedule
Identify vulnerable keys and update them to a new algorithm
Generate new keys with secured private keys
Push new public keys to guests at scale
Manage keys on other Unix-based systems

Meet Our Speaker

Richard Pettit
Senior Software Engineer

Richard Pettit is a software developer for Lieberman Software, A Bomgar Company, and is responsible for all things Linux/Unix. His accomplishments are too extensive to enumerate and his humility prevents him from recounting his accolades.

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