What's New in RED Identity Management

We are pleased to announce the release of RED Identity Management (formerly Enterprise Random Password Manager and Random Password Manager). This is the privileged identity and access management module of our new Lieberman RED Suite.

The new features for RED Identity Management include:

Critical improvements for Linux, UNIX and SSH

New self-elevation functions - to allow greater flexibility in elevation features. You now have legacy self-elevation, legacy arbitrary elevation, and new self-elevation feature
Shoulder surfing and inadvertent credential disclosure countermeasures added
Password editing has now been split into: “password edit” and “details edit” for each password entry
Added numerous enhancements to the personal password store
Disconnected Account Management 2.0 has a revised and simplified user interface
Disconnected Account Management 2.0 now creates standalone installation packages that requires no connectivity from day 1 to end of use
Shared credential lists have been redesigned to make it easier to find entries
Icon styles updated throughout the product to be consistent with modern styling
Many bug fixes
And much, much more!

Meet Our Speaker

Chris Stoneff
VP of Technical Management

Chris Stoneff oversees product management, quality assurance and technical support at Lieberman Software, and is responsible for meeting the real-world needs of the company’s customers. With over 17 years of systems administration, consulting, training, and product management experience, Mr. Stoneff is instrumental in guiding the development of the Lieberman Software products portfolio. An accomplished consultant and technical trainer, he has taught thousands of administrators on fundamental and advanced concepts of Windows management and security concepts and key technologies.

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