IoT Security Survey

Some have called the recent DDOS attack on DNS provider Dyn - which disrupted Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix and other major web sites - a wake-up call about the dangers of unsecured connected devices.

In response, the IoT security market is expected to flourish in coming years as both enterprises and consumers seek to counter the emerging threat of this burgeoning technology. But how much of the IoT threat is valid and how much is hype? To find out, we surveyed the people who know best - some of the more than 43,000 IT security professionals attending RSA Conference 2017.


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Are the passwords on IoT devices secure? Is IoT addressed in security planning? And just how worried are IT pros about the potential for cyber attacks originating through their IoT devices?

IoT Security Survey Highlights

  • Unsecured passwords leave IoT device susceptible to takeover. So how many organizations proactively change the default credentials on these devices?
  • If you can't find it, you can't secure it. What percentage of today's IT professionals can track and manage all the IoT devices on their networks?
  • How many organizations take IoT password security into account during security planning? And among that segment, how many are taking steps to secure these passwords?
  • Most IT pros worry about attacks originating through their IoT devices. But how overwhelming is this concern? And how does it correspond to the ability to manage connected devices?

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About the IoT Security Survey

Lieberman Software anonymously surveyed nearly 160 attendees of RSA Conference 2017.



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