Securely Change Admin Passwords on Offline Systems

Your organization probably operates with many systems disconnected from the corporate network. Even when disconnected, your systems must be kept secure and be updated on a regular basis. Here's where Lieberman RED comes in: it supports predominantly offline systems that need local password changes to be performed at regular intervals in a fully autonomous way.

Unlike LAPS, Disconnected Account Management is a cross-platform, enterprise-level solution. It encrypts stored passwords, is not dependent on Active Directory, offers a web interface for management and password recovery operations, and is backed by 7/24 technical support professionals.

You will learn how to:

Change administrative passwords on offline systems automatically

Support systems connected or disconnected from the network/domain: Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and more
Set password policies via a secure web portal
Recover passwords via the web portal with multi-factor authentication
Mitigate pass-the-hash attacks
Ensure regulatory compliance requirements for password change frequency are met

Meet Our Speaker

Chris Stoneff
VP of Technical Management

Chris Stoneff oversees product management, quality assurance and technical support at Lieberman Software, and is responsible for meeting the real-world needs of the company’s customers. With over 17 years of systems administration, consulting, training, and product management experience, Mr. Stoneff is instrumental in guiding the development of the Lieberman Software products portfolio. An accomplished consultant and technical trainer, he has taught thousands of administrators on fundamental and advanced concepts of Windows management and security concepts and key technologies.

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